Design Competition 2022: the 3 finalists

The 3 finalists of the Selfmade® design competition have each presented their unique design to the judging panel and received feedback.


The winner of the competition will receive 13.500 € (£11,500) and will have the winning design developed into a sewing pattern that will be available in all physical stores and via our online shop.

Designcomp 3

Coat by


VIA University College, Danmark


The Design Idea

Inspired by the patterns in ceramic glaze, David designed panels that swirl around an otherwise classic coat to give it a surreal twist. While there is a subtle contrast between the matte wool felt and shiny beaver nylon, a wonderful synergy emerges from the combination of textures.


There is a discreet pocket with a concealed zipper on the left coat front and double welt pockets at each side.

The statement of our judges

David is an accomplished designer who has delivered a sophisticated design proposition with a keen eye for commercial and uniqueness. He has used two robust fabrics and combined them very interestingly. There is an excellent interplay between the shiny and matt textures.

We are impressed by the fit and workmanship – although, especially by David’s ability to transfer the ceramics idiom into a fabric design expression. Taking an element from one sphere and transferring it to a design to fit around the body – this indicates to us that David is a true artist.

Designcomp 4

Long-sleeved trench coat, top and leggings by


Hochschule Hannover, Tyskland


The Design Idea

With the title “Lost in reflections”, Mustafa has created a checked trench coat with a reversible metallic lining and a matching top and leggings. Thanks to its great versatility, what looks at first glance to be a classic coat suddenly becomes something completely different.


With the coat’s metallic, futuristic lining, Mustafa seeks to encourage our society to reflect more on itself, be more open to new things and therefore to evolve.

The statement of our judges

Mustafa has succeeded in giving his trench coat, essentially a very simple design, wild wow factor. The match between the woolly checks and the futuristic metallic foil is exciting, and the reversibility creates two very different design expressions.

Mustafa has successfully achieved his goal, which is to create a simple, easy-tosew jacket that is truly one of a kind. We love the styling of the jacket, in which the contemporary one-piece look with the top and leggings in a bright shade of blue creates a stunning expression.

Designcomp 5

Boxy jacket by


Kunsthøyskolen i Oslo, Norge


The Design Idea

The jacket is inspired by an event in Julia’s life. She attempted to make a top in a fabric she had too little of and ended up choosing a contrasting fabric on one sleeve. This was the seed of her idea for this jacket.


The pattern is easy to subdivide so you can mix materials, fabric remnants, patterns and colours as much as you like – and therefore create a very personal jacket.

The statement of our judges

Anyone who sets out to sew this jacket will need to make creative decisions because the design assumes that the creator will assemble fabrics based on his or her own personal preferences. Julia has also incorporated sustainability into her design as you can make it using all kinds of fabric remnants.


The large collar creates a good balance in the silhouette, and the pockets and sleeves are folded to create a stunning 3D effect. The asymmetric look of the jacket draws the eye. The asymmetric eff ect can be as striking or as discreet as you wish. This jacket project provides every opportunity for everyone to become a designer.