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Mini Sterk is a thinner version of Sterk, which is one of our most popular yarns. Choose Mini Sterk for the same types of garments as Sterk. Great for traditional cardigans, school and play schoolkindergarten clothing, dresses, skirts, trousers, all everyday garments for young and old, socks and accessories. Many of the colours in Mini Sterk are also found in Sterk. You could, for example, make a cardigan in Sterk and a skirt or trousers in Mini Sterk.

Tip! With the alpaca-merino blend you get warmth from the alpaca fibres, increased elasticity from the merino wool and durability and strength from the nylon .

Mini Sterk has the same knitting tension as Alpakka Wool and their respective knitting patterns are interchangeable.

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