€ 8.49/pc(s)

Item No. 74166

Cricut Heat Resistant Tape, 2 cm x 16 m

Transform your creative ideas into reality with Cricut Heat Resistant Tape. This essential accessory ensures that your designs stay exactly where they should during the entire heat press transfer process. Whether you're working with T-shirts, bags, or other exciting projects, this tape gives you the ability to apply your unique patterns with professionalism and precision.

Recommended for use with Cricut EasyPress, household irons, or other heat presses to achieve the best results.

  • Size: 2 cm x 16 m
  • Compatibility: Ideal for use with Cricut EasyPress (74152) and Cricut EasyPress Mini (74154)
  • Applications: Perfect for T-shirts, bags, pot holders, notebooks, keychains, and more
  • Features: Ensures precise placement during heat press transfer, withstands high heat

Make your next DIY project a success with Cricut Heat Resistant Tape.