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Item No. 24676

For fantastic finish, add an embroidered iron-on patch

Your creations deserve professional finish! This embroidered iron-on patch adds more than a dash of personality to clothing and home interior projects.

An iron-on patch with adhesive offers endless opportunities

This iron-on patch has adhesive on the back. Ironing it onto your sewing project is as easy as ABC. You can use iron-on patches in an infinite number of projects. For example, you can decorate a jacket, T-shirt, sweatshirt, sleepsuit, dress or trousers with iron-on patches. You can even use iron-on patches to embellish a bag or clutch.

Save old stuff from the waste bin  

This iron-on patch is not only useful on clothing and accessories. You can also use iron-on patches as fine details in your home décor – e.g. on a cushion, throw or blanket. A patch can give a new lease of life to old stuff in your wardrobe and home décor – and prolongs its lifespan. A sew-on patch is the ideal way to repair a hole.

How do I iron on a patch?

First of all, make sure that the fabric you wish to embellish with the iron-on patch is suitable for ironing.

How to iron the patch onto fabric:

  1. Smooth the fabric and place the iron-on patch where you want it to sit.
  2. Lay a cloth over the fabric and press on the patch for 20-30 seconds (on the right and wrong sides). Check to see how hot an iron temperature the patch can withstand. This information is shown on the packaging and on this page.
  3. Leave the iron-on patch to cool. Check that is firmly attached to the fabric. If not, repeat the process.

How to sew an iron-on patch

To make sure that your iron-on patch stays firmly attached to the item, we recommend that you sew it too. By the way, you are advised to follow the laundry instructions, which you can find on the packaging and on this page.