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Universal needles from Organ Needles

Using the right sewing machine needle for the fabric you are working with is essential to help you end up with the best result.

The type of fabric you are working with determines which needle you should use. The thicker your fabric is the thicker your needle needs to be.

The universal needles come in sizes 70 to 100 – the higher the number is, the thicker the needle is.

Universal sewing machine needles in size 70 are used for no stretch basic lightweight fabric like cotton and viscose and they are compatible with most modern domestic sewing machines.

This pack contains 5 universal sewing machine needles in size 70.

About Organ Needles

Since 1920 Japanese company Organ Needles has developed and produced sewing machine needles based on principles like dedication, premium quality and attention to detail.

New nearly plastic free packaging

Organ Needles come in packaging primarily made from cardboard and a near minimum of plastic, still excellent for keeping and storing the needles once opened.

To get the needles out, push the plastic ribbon down the cardboard, fold the upper end of the cardboard towards yourself, take the needle you need, fold the cardboard piece and push the plastic ribbon back.

We recommend that you always store your needles in the original packaging. This enables you to always know the sizes of your needles and what fabric they are most suited for.