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Teddy bear noses, also known as amigurumi noses or stuffed animal snouts, are an essential part of your homemade bears and figures. These noses, which can be used in knitted, crocheted, or sewn projects, are available in a wide range of sizes and colors. Each pack of teddy bear noses comes with plastic back stoppers, which are necessary for correct mounting. We encourage you to always follow the detailed mounting instructions: https://ipaper.ipapercms.dk/stofogstil/monteringskrav/monteringskrav-ukpdf/-including a recommended video guide.

This guide carefully goes through the important mounting requirements, ensuring that your yarn projects for children aged 0-3 years meet the same safety standards as purchased toys.

Before mounting the teddy bear noses, you should:

-Inspect all parts to ensure they are intact and undamaged.

-Melt the back piece after assembly for a firm lock, a method also used on purchased toys.

-Consider the knitting or crocheting tension and the type of yarn, as these factors affect how securely the nose is attached. Securing with a mesh under the back stopper and a crocheted cap over the back of the nose is recommended for extra safety.

-Always check the finished work to ensure that all parts are firmly and securely attached.

-Perform regular checks to ensure that the noses remain intact over time.

Remember, as the creator of handicrafts for children aged 0-3 years, a great responsibility comes with it.