€ 16.00/m.

Item No. 910274

Everyone loves teddy!  

Or, at least many do. It's soft fabric in the plush quality that, as the name suggests, is perfect for teddy bears and cuddly toys.  


Does the youngest member of the family need their very own personalised teddy bear? Perhaps sewn from a favourite drawing by the child? Find the most beautiful colours and get started with needle and thread.   


Remember to use jersey needles (item no. 46799 or 46028).  

Creative projects you'll want to cuddle 

More into clothes? Then it seems you're set for the softest cuddles with teddy clothing. For instance, create a fluffy vest to keep you warm, or a plush jumpsuit (maybe even with bear ears) for the little ones in the family.  


The fabric is soft, warm, and plush with a bit of elasticity. And it's just cosy. Both as clothing and for decoration: make a plush blanket with matching pillows and get ready for starry moments on the sofa. 


Practicalities about teddy 

Find your favourite colour and order the length you need. The fabric measures 155 cm in width, and you can expect it to shrink about 3% when washed (the fabric can be washed at 40°). We therefore recommend washing the fabric before sewing your project to ensure the best final result.