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Lyocell offers all sorts of benefits

Lyocell is a fantastic fabric and the Lyocell manufacturing process is eco-friendly. A Lyocell fabric has irresistible properties – and you can sew a multitude of creative projects with it.

From wood to textile fibres

Lyocell is made from wood – primarily eucalyptus. The wood is broken down in a chemical process and spun into textile fibres.

Lyocell is produced under environmentally friendly conditions

The method used to convert the plant fibres into textile fibre is similar to that used to produce viscose. However, while not necessarily the case for viscose, Lyocell is always produced in a closed system. No wastewater from Lyocell production is pumped back into the natural environment. More or less all process chemicals and water are recycled.

Enjoy Lyocell's moisture-wicking properties

Lyocell has an amazing capacity to absorb sweat and release it again quickly. Lyocell actually releases moisture 50 % faster than cotton. This means that Lyocell regulates body temperature and helps you maintain body water balance.

Lyocell is anti-bacterial

Good moisture management also means that Lyocell has an anti-bacterial effect. Moisture absorbed directly from your skin is transported to the inside of the fibre – it does not remain on the surface where bacteria have good opportunities to spread.

Less odour and less energy consumption

When you make Lyocell garments, they are therefore more resistant to odour than cotton. Less odour means fewer washes, lower domestic water consumption and less energy to power the washing machine and tumble drier. Great news for you! You do not have to wash clothes as often – and that is great news for the environment!

What are you going to make in Lyocell?

Lyocell is ideal for all sorts of creative projects. Use it to make dresses, skirts, trousers, shorts, tunics and tops.

Avoid tight-fitting designs

When you sew in a Lyocell fabric, we recommend that you avoid using sewing patterns for very tight-fitting styles. Lyocell is a woven fabric with relatively little stretch.