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Item No. 5003075

Divisible plastic zipper for sewing projects

Here you get a divisible zipper, which consists of a polyester tape with plastic teeth and matching metal sliders. The plastic teeth are moulded directly onto the tape and the zipper is lightweight and functional.

It's the classic, slightly chunky zip quality that gives your DIY project both edge and functionality. As the zipper is divisible, it's particularly suitable for jackets, cardigans, coats and children's clothes, for example, where it just makes life a little easier that you can open the zipper all the way. 


How to use the zipper

Use the zipper as a decorative element or a raw detail.


Find the colour and length that suits your project - do you want it to match or stand out in colour? Your choice of colour and location makes a big difference to the final design. 


We recommend that you close the zipper before washing.


Know your zipper 

There are many different zippers. Functionally, they can be divided into three categories: the non-divisible with closed end, which is used for example in trousers and dresses. The separable, used for example in jackets and cardigans, where you need your design to open completely and the zipper to split in two. And the split 2-way zipper, used for example in coats, where the fact that it can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top gives extra flexibility.

This zipper is divisible.



All our zippers are nickel-free