€ 6.25/pc(s)

Divisible zipper in metal

Do you want to be able to open up or close down your new design so it's completely open? Then you need a split zipper like this one. 


The zipper is mounted on a polyester tape, which is both durable and makes it easy for you to sew the zipper into your creative project. The prongs, slider and stopper are all metal - the original zipper type. 


How to use the zipper

Use the zipper in fashion garments that need to be fully opened - such as jackets, coats and cardigans. Choose from a variety of colours and lengths to get exactly the zip you need for your sewing project.


We recommend that you close the zipper before washing.


Know your zipper 

There are many different zippers. Functionally, they can be divided into three categories: the non-divisible with closed end, which is used for example in trousers and dresses. The separable, used for example in jackets and cardigans, where you need your design to open completely and the zipper to split in two. And the split 2-way zipper, used for example in coats, where the fact that it can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top gives extra flexibility.

This zipper is divisible.


All our zippers are nickel-free.