Welcome to the Selfmade® Whistleblower Scheme

Based on EU Directive 2019/1937, Selfmade® has drawn up a Whistleblower Policy and established a Whistleblower Scheme.


We are committed to running our company decently and responsibly. Through our Whistleblower Scheme, you can report offences and other serious misdemeanours anonymously and without the risk of retaliation of any kind.



Who may use the Whistleblower Scheme?


Any internal or external stakeholder who, in connection with work-related activities or a customer/supplier relationship, learns of offences or other serious misdemeanours occurring at Selfmade® may report to the Whistleblower Scheme.


Internal and external stakeholders include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Employees (paid/unpaid/trainees/volunteers)
  • Customers
  • Executive Board
  • Board of Directors
  • External partners, including subcontractors to external partners or potential partners/suppliers who wish to cooperate with Selfmade®.
  • Candidates seeking work at Selfmade®



What can be reported?


The Whistleblower Scheme may be used to report infringements that fall within the scope of EU Directive 2019/1937 or other serious offences and circumstances.


Examples of such infringements/circumstances include but are not limited to the following:

  • Any form of sexual harassment
  • Other forms of serious harassment – such as bullying and violence
  • Discrimination on grounds of race, political or religious affiliation
  • Financial crime
  • Work safety
  • Consumer protection
  • Product safety
  • Breach of procurement legislation
  • Breach of personal data legislation
  • Breach of environmental legislation
  • Money laundering


The Whistleblower Scheme cannot be used for matters related to cooperation difficulties, dissatisfaction with facilities or dissatisfaction with employment conditions that do not fall within the scope of the EU Directive.


However, we would prefer to receive one report too many than one too few. If you are in any doubt as to whether your report falls within the scope of the Directive, we request that you send your report anyway.



How do you make a report?



Selfmade® has drawn up a Whistleblower Policy that provides information about your rights, confidentiality and how we process your personal data.


Read here our Whistleblower Policy carefully before you submit a report through our Whistleblower Scheme.


You should then submit your report in writing through our Whistleblower Scheme (WhistleSystem).

You can find login information here:


User Name: Selfmade
Password: 1OwS1UT5O


Once your report is submitted, a unique report ID will appear, which must be kept in a safe place. We have no recourse to restore the report ID for you if it is lost. The report ID allows you to log in and reopen the report. Using the report ID, you can start an anonymous dialogue, send documentation or answer supplementary questions. We ask you kindly to log in regularly after submitting your report.


When you submit a report, you can voluntarily choose to provide your name and/or email address. We ask you kindly to provide at least your private email address, as this makes it easier to process the case and notify you of our progress.


Selfmade® will ensure that our administration team processes every report responsibly and appropriately.


Every report created via the Whistleblower Scheme is anonymous and confidential, and reports cannot be traced back to you unless you write your contact details in the report itself.