Black-out Fabric

Summer nights can be very hot and very light. Sew curtains made of our blackout fabric to help you get a better night's sleep. Blackout curtains can be used to keep the sun and heat out. However, blackout fabric can do so much more. Here you will find inspiration for using blackout fabric.

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All you need to know about blackout fabric

Our blackout fabric is available with or without a white wrong side. The white side determines the opacity of the fabric. See the description in the section "How to sew your own blackout curtains". We offer blackout fabric in several plain colours and qualities – choose what is best for your home.  

Blackout fabric is not washable. Dry cleaning recommended. Note that blackout curtain fabric shrinks 2-4 % when dry cleaned.

When you sew in your blackout curtain fabric, it is important that you are aware that machine stitching may make small holes in your fabric that are visible as dots of light in the stitching. Therefore, it is a good idea to use a longer stitch length to reduce the number of holes in your fabric to a minimum. You may also be able to sew with a finer needle in your sewing project.  

How to sew blackout curtains

If you want to sew your own blackout curtains, you can choose to make your blackout curtain with or without a white wrong side. If you choose a blackout fabric which is white on the wrong side, your curtain is opaque and blocks out light completely.

If you choose a blackout fabric which is not white on the wrong side, there fabric blocks out 85 % of the light. It is semi-opaque and some light penetrates it. Our blackout fabric with a white wrong side is heavier and more rigid to work with, which also makes it suitable for Roman blinds.

We have a free DIY guide to Roman blind systems so that you can make blackout curtains yourself. Just choose a colour to match your room. It is easy to start making new blinds. Roman blinds are an attractive feature for the living room, bedroom or kitchen windows.

We stock a wide range of curtain accessories so you can buy everything you need for your curtain project when you shop for blackout curtain material. If you are unsure if you have everything you need for your curtain project, feel free to ask in our stores or contact our Customer Service Desk. They are always on hand to give advice and guidance.  


More than just blackout curtains

Did you know that most people think that blackout fabric can only be used to make blackout curtains? In fact, you can also use the fabric to make great lampshades that are eminently suitable for reading lamps. We advise you to insert lampshade foil on the inside of your shade to ensure that it lasts longer.