Extra strong sewing thread

Here you find our range of extra strong sewing thread, made of 100 % polyester. This type of thread has very high breaking strength and elasticity. It takes a lot to break it. You can use it when sewing with a 110-130 needle on your sewing machine, depending on the thickness of your fabric.

Our extra strong thread is OEKO-TEX 100 certified.

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Extra durable, strong sewing thread

The most important product for any sewing project is good, high-quality sewing thread. Thread is the product that holds everything together. If the thread is not robust and of good quality there is a risk of seam failure and the entire project can be ruined. That's why Selfmade® offers extra strong sewing thread that is renowned for its incredible durability.

Extra strong sewing thread is especially suitable for sewing buttons on a cushion or a new coat, or for items that are required to last because the thread is very durable and thus long-lasting.  These qualities make it a good choice for buttons and zips that hold materials together. In addition, extra-strong sewing thread is also highly suitable for sewing with other materials where elasticity is a major factor.

Perhaps you have a hobby that requires a strong sewing thread – in this case, the extra-strong sewing thread will always be a safe solution. You can find inspiration for your hobby and a wide selection of hobby articles right here.


Extra strong sewing thread is resilient and durable


The quality of your finished result depends largely on the sewing thread you choose. So it is always very important to choose sewing thread carefully to ensure that it meets the requirements of your work.

Extra strong sewing thread is often the solution in most projects because it is both resilient and has a very high tensile strength. These two qualities together characterise a thread that can hold up to any use without seam failure. That is precisely why extra-strong sewing thread is many an experienced sewer's first choice when sewing clothes and accessories for a busy and active life.

And there is a third reason why extra-strong sewing thread from Selfmade® is perfect for most sewing tasks. Our extra strong sewing thread is OEKOTEX® certified, which is your guarantee that the thread does not contain dangerous chemicals, so you can use the thread to sew your and your children's clothing in good conscience.

Our extra strong sewing thread is made of 100% corespun polyester which has a resilience of 27.1% and a tensile strength of 36.1. Added together, these figures provide you with a high-quality product that can be used for the sewing machine and for sewing by hand.

Extra strong sewing thread suits needles in sizes 110 to 130 – the choice depends on the strength of the fabrics. If you need assistance in choosing thread or fabric for your next project, you can contact us through customer service.

We will always help you quickly and easily with your creative project.