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Nature Lover with a Passion for Crocheting? 

The AddiNature crochet hook in olive wood is your perfect partner! Beyond being a practical tool, it is also a symbol of our planet's rich natural history – right in your hands. 

Every Hook is a Work of Art 

No two AddiNature crochet hooks are the same. It's nature's own design that shines through in each unique grain pattern. The smooth and oiled handle of the olive wood ensures a comfortable feel in the hand, while the grooved tip offers the perfect grip. The white and bronzed aluminium hooks beautifully contrast with the wood's natural beauty. 

Nature's Choice 

Our love for nature is uncompromising. The olive wood AddiNature uses comes from trees in Southern Europe that no longer bear fruit. Thus, no tree has been wasted unnecessarily in the creation of these crochet hooks. The wood's ability to absorb moisture from the hands ensures the hook always sits comfortably, even during prolonged crocheting sessions. 

Designed for Comfort 

Sometimes, more is better. The AddiNature crochet hook's extra-long shaft provides optimal comfort, especially for those with larger hands or those who prefer a longer grip. 

Your Next Crocheting Adventure 

With the AddiNature crochet hook in olive wood, you get more than just a top-notch tool. You also receive a piece of nature's beauty, a delight to behold and a joy to use. Ready to elevate your crocheting to the next level?