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Pure beeswax, contains no additives, food grade to 65 °C. Beeswax has antibacterial properties and can be used to make hygienic cloths/wraps for wrapping, storing and covering food in the kitchen. Bee wraps are an ideal sustainable alternative to e.g. aluminium foil and plastic film. You can also make bread bags and similar creations with this product. Instructions: In addition to beeswax granules, you will need fabric, baking paper, an oven or iron and, if necessary, a paintbrush. Recommended fabric is woven cotton, ORGANIC. Apply beeswax granules to the fabric. Follow the instructions (3 methods to choose from). Allow the product to cool down/dry. We recommend that you test your method of choice on a small piece of fabric to assess how much beeswax you will need. 100 g of beeswax is sufficient to cover a piece of fabric measuring about 80 x 120 cm. Warm the finished product in your hands and shape it around your bowl or plate with food. To clean bee wraps, rinse in lukewarm water, leave to air-dry. Reusable. For reasons of hygiene, we do not recommend using the product to wrap raw meat or fish. Rinse bee wraps in lukewarm (not hot) water.