€ 14.00/m.

Item No. 815832

Lightproof Blackout Curtains 

This fabric is designed to blackout rooms. On the front, you have the option to choose the colour that matches your bedroom, while the back is white to provide you with the best lightproofing.  


The white backing also means that the fabric is denser and stiffer to work with.  


This also means you can, for example, use this fabric for roller blinds (and if you want to know how to make roller blinds, just search for "roller blinds" – and you'll find a free DIY guide).  


Need more for your curtains?  

Search for "Curtain Accessories", and find everything you need for your new blackout curtains.  


Good to know about blackout curtains 

When sewing with your blackout curtain fabric, it's important to be aware that the needle can leave small holes in your material. When hanging up the curtain, this will appear as small light spots in the seams. Therefore, we recommend limiting the number of holes in your fabric by sewing with a longer stitch length (and possibly a thinner needle).  


Some more details 

The fabric is made of 100% polyester. You decide how many metres you want – the fabric has a width of 140 cm.