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Unique yarn in 100% extra fine merino wool

Merino 22 is spun from 100% extra-fine, natural merino wool. The yarn is not super wash treated, which preserves the original properties of the wool. As a result, it is maximally elastic and has good warmth and insulation properties - even when damp and wet. In other words, you get a unique and more environmentally friendly merino yarn without any plastic coating.

Soft dream yarn for all kinds of projects

Merino 22 is a particularly beautiful yarn that is perfect for all types of fine knitwear. A dream yarn for those who love a soft woollen yarn with a fine structure!

You can use this yarn for all types of knitting projects and techniques - from classic patterned knitting and textured patterns to cable, lace and crochet. And because of its particularly fine wool fibres, which give it a unique softness, this yarn is just as suitable for baby and children's clothing as it is for adult garments.


Merino 22 is RWS certified

... And what does it mean? Well, it guarantees that the wool comes from farms that ensure both sustainable land management and animal welfare, where mulesing is strictly prohibited. The RWS label thus ensures sustainable production from farm to finished yarn.