€ 4.00/pc(s)

Item No. 29690

Check out these finger paints for children and the young-at-heart – we have so many reasons to love them! This textile paint is water-based and contains no hazardous chemicals. We offer ten lovely, bright colours that your children can mix to create their favourite shades. The wide-necked jar gives easy access to small hands. Children tend to find the texture agreable. Alternatively, you can pour the paint onto a plate or into a bowl, allowing you more control. The paint is of an excellent quality; a small amount goes a long way. Use this finger paint on both light or dark fabrics, ideally cotton containing no more than 20% synthetic fibres. After use, leave your project to dry for a minimum of six hours, before heat-fixing it with an iron. Cover your project, i.e. with a tea towel or another cloth, to protect it during fixation. Also available: Small starter kits of MUCKI finger paint, containing a number of basic colours, glitters, and metallic colours. The finger paints are suitable for children as young as two years of age.