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Item No. 71023

Piping in Beautiful Colours 

You've got all the details sorted for your DIY project. Now it's time for the piping: Which colour will you choose? 


Whether you prefer tone-on-tone, high or low contrast, you can find a band here that matches your preferences amongst these beautiful colours and shades.  


Colourful Details 

If you've sewn classic, solid-coloured cushions, you can add colourful details by giving each cushion its very own piping colour.  


No matter which colour you choose, this band provides an extra special detail to your DIY project – be it for the home or your wardrobe.  


This band is made from 100% cotton. It has a total width of 10 mm, while the actual piping measures 4 mm. You receive 5 metres of piping in one pack.  



Free Guide 

You use piping between two pieces of fabric or between fabric and a zip, for instance, to achieve a visible little edge that "peeps" out in the project (hence we also call this band "peeking band"). 


Search for "piping band" to find free guides on how to sew the band into your project.