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The small details make the difference 

You probably know this all too well. It's in the details that your creative project becomes personal and stands out. And one of the details we really like is grommets/eyelets.  


You can, for instance, use grommets when sewing hoodies, jackets, and sweatpants – this way, you'll have a neat edge around the hole for the cord or elastic.  


The ring is 5 mm, made of stainless brass, and you can choose from several colours – do you want it to be discreet and match the fabric, or do you want it to contrast? 


How to do it 

A small tool is included, which helps you to install the grommet itself. Alternatively, you can use a hammer or the versatile "Prym Vario pliers". 


Make sure that the ring is firmly secured so that it no longer rotates – this way, you avoid the ring tearing loose when you wear the garment.