€ 5.25/pc(s)

Item No. 45081

The perfect denim buttons 

Are you also a fan of denim? The material itself is super cool for jackets, shirts, jumpsuits and, of course, trousers. And every great denim project obviously needs the right buttons!  


In this pack, you get eight buttons in nickel-free antique copper look with decorative stars and leaves (the absolute perfect look for denim if you ask us!). Each button measures 17 mm in diameter. 


How to attach buttons to your jeans 

Along with the buttons, you receive the small tool you need to ensure the buttons are positioned correctly while mounting them. Either use a hammer to fix the button or a hole punch (we recommend "Prym Love hole punch").  


Of course, the jeans button withstands washing at 60° and tumble drying.