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The Multicoloured Measuring Tape 

The measuring tape from the German brand Prym IS a staple in every sewing box. This measuring tape has centimetre measurements printed on both sides – one with the classic yellow background, the other with the iconic multicoloured background.  


Why? To make it even more intuitive for you when ensuring the correct measurements for your project.  


The tape is easily retractable, making it incredibly compact, so you can take it anywhere. Its robust and high-quality design provides you with a durable measuring tape that you'll use for many years.  


The Small Details 

The measuring tape has three colours, making it visually straightforward to achieve the correct measurements. The background colours are red, white, and green with a black centimetre scale and easily readable numbers. On the back, the measuring tape is entirely yellow.  


This measuring tape has metal frames on both ends to ensure longevity, is made of a robust PVC quality, and measures 150 cm.