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Item No. 39221

Create an unforgettable and personal sensory experience for the little ones with Go Handmade's Sensory Kit. This set is designed to awaken the senses and promote motor skills through the creation of a unique wooden activity rattle. With everything from safety eyes to rattling elements, this kit allows you to unleash your creativity and create a safe and stimulating toy.

The kit includes:

- 1 pair of safety eyes (10 mm)

- A wooden ring (D55 mm) for easy grip

- Rattle cellophane (10 x 10 cm) for sound effects

- 2 soft TPE figures that are pleasant to touch

- A rattling ring (62 mm) and a rattling box (22 mm) for fascinating sounds

- 2 squeakers (25 mm) that add a fun dimension

- A ring link (D60 mm), perfect for hanging the rattle.

Please note that the kit does not include yarn, stuffing, pattern, or crochet hook.

- We recommend 100g of yarn for the main part and 50 cm of black yarn for the eyebrows, with our "Fraya colourful" or "Fraya soft!" yarn as ideal choices.

The pattern for this wonderful project can be downloaded for free on FRAYA6061.

With Go Handmade's Sensory Kit, you not only get a toy, but a treasure filled with love and personality. This is the perfect opportunity to share DIY magic and create memories that last.