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Patchwork fabrics

As children, many of us were tucked in at night with a patchwork quilt featuring a kaleidoscope of different patterns, cars, or princesses. Most of us have also sat on a patchwork quilt with flower patterns at the beach or for a picnic in the park. There are so many things you can use patchwork for, and that's probably one of the reasons it is so popular. Because when you mix a lot of different patterns and colours, there are almost no limits as to where your imagination can take you.

At Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, we have a wide selection of patchwork fabrics so you are never limited by choice next time you start a new project. We have patchwork fabrics in a wide range of colours. All the way from bold red to delicate mint green. Our patchwork fabrics also come in many different patterns, so there is plenty of opportunities to mix and match the various colours and patterns.


Patchwork fabric of excellent quality


At Selfmade®, we feel that it is important that the fabric you buy is of excellent quality. This allows it to last for many years without coming apart or becoming too worn. That's why our selection of patchwork fabric is of excellent quality, so you never need to worry about how long the fabric will last, or whether it will withstand the use you have planned for it.

Our patchwork fabric is made of one hundred per cent cotton. It is therefore also suitable for sewing clothing. For example, you may want to sew a cute patchwork dress for a girl or a shirt for a boy in just the right patchwork fabric. You may also be dreaming of making a sweet little patchwork teddy bear in fun colours and patterns. No matter what you wish to make, you can be certain that the quality of our patchwork fabric is top-notch.