Oilcloth fabric

Brighten up your home and get creative with our range of oilcloth! These fabrics are water-resistant, colourful and easy to sew with. From arts and crafts tablecloths to waterproof bags for summer beach trips, oilcloth fabric is just what you need for your next sewing project. Discover oilcloth fabric designs here and order by the metre.

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Printed oilcloth

Are you looking for an oilcloth for your table? Here at Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, you can easily find just that. Here you will find a wide range of oilcloths – textile oilcloths, PVC with non-woven backing as well as transparent. We have plain, printed and digitally printed oilcloths and extra-wide oilcloths. Use them on the table indoors and out, or as beach mats, bags etc.

Transparent oilcloth

We have fabrics for oilcloths in different colours and digital prints. You can find textile oilcloths, PVC with a non-woven backside and transparent oilcloth, which is perfect for you if you want an oilcloth but you do not want to hide your beautiful table away under a cloth.  

Oilcloth for indoors and outdoors

Oilcloths can be used both inside and outside without any problems. They are fantastic to use outside on summer nights and they are easy to wipe clean quickly after a good meal or a nice (but messy!) painting activity with the kids.

Washing oilcoth

Some of the textile oilcloths can be washed in the washing machine at low temperatures but in most cases, a damp cloth is more than enough to clean the oilcloths. All oilcloths are water-resistant and can be used immediately since it is not necessary to sew the cloth before it is ready to use.    

If you do not want to use the oilcloth fabric for a tablecloth, you can also use it for a beach blanket or a nice beach bag. You can also it use in the bottom of the hamster cage. It is only your imagination, which puts an end to what you can do with the oilcloth fabric.

What is oilcoth?

Oilcloth is simply normal cotton or linen fabric that has been treated on one side to make it waterproof. Water simply slides or wipes off the treated side. Like oil, the fabric is resistant to water and won’t soak it up.

It’s flexible, easy to sew with and comes in a variety of sizes and thickness. The glossy waterproofing treatment on the oilcloth fabric often makes the colours more vibrant and colourful. At Selfmade®, our oilcloth fabric collection is offered by the metre, so you can buy vast quantities for creating large tablecloths, for example, or buy small fat quarter-sized samples for sewing bags.

3 sewing projects for oilcloth fabric

If you want to try sewing with this new material but aren’t sure where to begin, we have some fantastic sewing project ideas you can tackle.

  • Tablecloths for the kids. Create a large tablecloth that the kids can happily do arts and crafts on, without worry. Any spills can be wiped off and paint is kept away from your nice tabletop! Order a large piece of oilcloth and hem the fabric to create neat edges.
  • Line bathroom and toiletry bags. Those small bags you take with you when you travel often get a little damp inside, with leaking shampoo bottles and toothpaste. Line your bags with oilcloth and you’ll prevent water leaking into your luggage and be able to simply wipe clean any spills.
  • Create a beach bag. Oilcloth keeps the sea and dampness out! Store dry things, like clean clothes and towels, in an oilcloth-lined beach bag. These are easy to make. You can find zippers for your bag here too.

Shop oilcloth fabric at Selfmade®

The range of oilcloth at Selfmade® provides unlimited potential. Create unique items with our fabric. The sky is the limit!

We at Selfmade® want to be on board with the newest trends and therefore we change our collections twice a year. It allows us to offer you the newest fabrics for your creative projects. If you need guidance or inspiration, you can always contact us. Then we will help you the best we can choose your next oilcloth for your table.  

We are proud to offer our best service to all our customers. If you need assistance selecting oilcloth fabrics or are unsure about what fabric you need for your project, don’t hesitate to contact us. Scroll back up and start browsing our oilcloth fabric range now!

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