Organic fabrics by the metre

Choose from a wide range of beautiful organic fabrics for your next sewing project in different qualities and colours. 

ORGANIC – eco-friendly, organic fabrics by the metre

At Selfmade®/STOFF & STIL we think it should be fun to indulge your creativity – and it should also be environmentally friendly.

That's why we have created an Organic collection where you will find fabrics, sewing thread and yarn. Here you will find a selection of decorative fabrics that will perfectly suit your projects.

All fabrics are manufactured to stringent requirements. When you order Organic fabrics, you get fabrics manufactured with the environment in mind. This allows you to be creative in good conscience.

Our great selection includes fabrics in many different colours and patterns. Whether you are looking for fabric for clothing or furnishings, you will definitely find something that suits your taste.

If your son or daughter needs a new duvet cover or decorative pillow, you will find fabrics in kid-friendly designs that match the child's room. Or if it's time to renew the look of your decorative pillows, you can also find inspiration in our beautifully curated selection of fabrics.

If you need matching sewing thread for the fabric you have selected, you will find a wide variety at STOFF & STIL. This makes it easy to order everything you need to embark on your creative sewing projects online at STOFF & STIL.

Organic and environmentally conscious fabrics by the metre

If you are interested in sustainability, our Organic fabrics will be to your taste.  Here you will find organic fabrics including cotton, velour, jersey, rib and sweatshirt fleece.

So get inspiration for your sewing projects with our selection of Organic fabrics. Here you will find fabrics in creative designs and contemporary colours.

If you are looking exclusively for environmentally friendly products for your projects, take a look at our entire Organic collection, where you will also find organic yarn and sewing thread.

You can create decorative pillows for a boy's or girl's room, beautiful garments, or sew new covers for your throw pillows with a clear conscience.