Percale is a classic, closely woven canvas of extra fine yarns. The fabric is particularly suitable for bed linen as it is very soft and durable.

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At Selfmade® (STOFF & STIL) we have a wide selection of percale fabrics in different materials, qualities and prints. The percale material is very durable and soft – and because of that, it is very good for especially bed linen. Percale fabric is a tight and woven fabric. You can wash the fabric many times without wearing it out. The fabric actually gets softer with time, so it is very good for everyday use.


Percale is also a great fabric to use for making curtains, cushions, bedspreads and tablecloths. If you would like us to make a tablecloth for you, you just have to select your favourite fabric and wing the “To be sewn into a tablecloth”-option before you put the fabric into the basket. Then the sewing fee will be added to the total price in your basket. We will sew the tablecloth for you and deliver it directly to your door – cheap and easy.  


It is also possible to use the percale fabric for clothing. The fabric has a cooling effect and feels comfortable on the skin, especially in warm weather. The surface of the percale is smooth and shiny.


We have the percale fabrics in both neutral and colourful patterns. If you need inspiration for what to make of the percale fabrics, you can always take a look in our catalogues or patterns – you will for sure find something you like.


The percale fabrics are made of 100% cotton. The cotton is woven and is a very firm material to work with.  All our percale fabrics are labelled with Oeko-tex 100. Remember that the percale fabric can shrink when washed. You can wash the fabric normally and some of the percale fabrics can even be washed at a very high temperature because of their strength.


We update our collections twice a year so you can always find a percale fabric matching the season.