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Charming stencils for upcycling

Lots of clothing, bags and cushions feature cute and fun prints that give them their own unique and recognisable character. Prints can make clothing or décor more personalised and unique because they provide excellent options for mixing and matching different designs and motifs.

If you want to put prints on your home-crafted cushions, or you have a T-shirt that could use an update, it can be difficult to make your own stencils or try to paint a complex motif. That's why Selfmade® offers you a wide selection of many different stencils so you can quickly and easily create beautiful prints on your own creations – or perk up store-bought cushions with an elegant or cute motif.

Stencils make upcycling easier


It's so easy to use our range of stencils. That's because our stencils feature adhesive on the back, so you can easily place your stencil with the desired design onto the fabric you wish to print. Then you can safely put colour on the print without worrying about whether your stencil will move and thus ruin the motif.

At STOFF & STIL/ Selfmade®, we offer many different stencils to choose from. That's why we are guaranteed to carry just the stencils you need for your project. For example, we have stencils that would be perfect for motifs and prints on cushions or on a bedspread for a child's bedroom. It may be a cool aeroplane, a sweet teddy bear or an owl.

But many of our stencils would also be suitable as motifs for your sofa cushions or a relaxed T-shirt. No matter which motif you prefer, you can be sure that our stencils are very easy to use. We provide a spatula with all of our stencils, but you can also purchase a foam brush, which makes it even easier to quickly create wonderful prints.