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Item No. 3501001

The classic multi-purpose elastic band

If there's one elastic band that brings back memories, it's probably this one. It reminds you of the type of elastic band that was a key component of your parents' sewing box; it was the elastic you found when you were allowed to rummage for nice buttons - and if you were lucky, you got a little piece to play with.


The elastic is flat, the quality is braided, and it really is a great go-to elastic. With its 5 mm width, it's perfect as elastic for children's trousers, lovely puff sleeves and elegant necklines on tops and dresses. But it's also your go-to when you need elastic for festive masks for Shrove Tuesday and Halloween.  


We prefer to use the elastic so that it is hidden in a drawstring.


This elastic band can be washed at 60° and tumble dried at low heat, so you can also use it for panties, for example.


This is simply a high quality elastic that keeps its elasticity wash after wash.