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Passionate about Embroidery! 

Do you also love to embroider? Watching delightful patterns, motifs, or words come to life on the fabric with the help of a needle, thread, and your creative hands? 


Embroidery is an ancient craft that remains modern to this day because it's delightful. And because there are so many opportunities to personalise a piece of fabric – whether it's a graphic motif for the wall, a cosy decoration on napkins or a cheeky text on a tote bag.  


Embroidery Needles 

You get six needles in size 18; the needles have a length of 50 mm and a diameter of 1.2 mm.  


These needles have a rounded blunt tip, which doesn't penetrate the fabric fibres but instead pushes them aside, thereby helping you to hit precisely where you should.  


The needle is made of steel with a symmetrical eye suitable for somewhat coarser yarns. The balance between the needle's length and strength provides a good user experience when working on your embroidery.  


Generally, it's important to remember to choose a needle that fits both your fabric and your yarn, as the yarn should be able to pass through the needle's eye.