Viscose Jersey fabric

Discover a soft, stretchy fabric that is perfect for sewing into clingy dresses, comfy t-shirts and flattering trousers. At Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, we have a great selection of classic and modern viscose jersey fabric designs to choose from for your next project. What will you create next with this fabric?

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Which kind of material is viscose?

Viscose, although it sounds like a synthetic fabric name like polyester, is plant-based. It’s more affordable than silk, and better for the environment than polyester, but it has the same beautifully drape and flow that so many people love during the summer months. Viscose is often used to create light summer dresses, office shirts and other lightweight garments.

Viscose is a wonderful fabric for clothing

Viscose is comparable to cotton and polyester. It is light, easy to wear and wash. It feels smooth on your skin – smoother than cotton – and is way more breathable than polyester. Viscose won’t make you sweat like synthetic fabrics can. The fabric drapes well and is very flattering to wear!

However, it’s not perfect. Viscose doesn’t age as well as cotton does. Viscose fabrics stain easily and can lose their shape.

What does 100% viscose mean

This simply means that the material is made from 100% viscose. Many viscose materials combine elastane or spandex to add some stretch. These additional fibres allow the viscose material to retain its shape. You can wear it all day and stretch it out, but thanks to the elastane or spandex it will regain its original shape when washed.

All our viscose fabrics at Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, clearly tell you what percentage is viscose and what other materials are in the fabric. We also include washing instructions for all our fabrics so you know how best to look after them! Our viscose/elastane blend materials are often best washed at 40°C and ironed on medium-low heat.

What should I use for my jersey dress?

Jersey dresses are made from a knit fabric that allows them to stretch. This fabric can be made from cotton, polyester or other fibres, including viscose. While cotton jersey dresses are typically warm and cling to you, many viscose jersey dresses are loose and flowy as the material drapes so nicely! You can find all the fabrics mentioned here at Selfmade®. Shop now!