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Woven oilcloth with acrylic coating

If you are looking for an acrylic-coated oilcloth, you have come to the right place! An acrylic-coated oilcloth is a tablecloth with acrylic coating, which makes the tablecloth dirt- and waterproof while at the same time keeping it soft – the back of the tablecloth is made from wax, making it stronger and stiffer.

An acrylic-coated oilcloth is an obvious choice if you want to obtain the soft, nicer look that you get from regular tablecloths, but at the same time want it to be practical and survive the challenges of everyday life – especially as a family with kids. An acrylic-coated oilcloth is not as waterproof as a wax-coated tablecloth though, something that you need to take into consideration.

A wax-coated tablecloth is smooth on the surface, which makes it easier to clean from food and drinks, whereas an acrylic-coated oilcloth is rougher on the surface and the cloth may be difficult to clean. On the other hand, you can wash all our acrylic-coated oilcloths at 30°C, and therefore you can easily get your tablecloth clean in the washing machine.

Acrylic-coated oilcloths: 100% Phthalate-free

All the acrylic coated oilcloths at Selfmade®, formally known as STOF &STIL, are 100% free of Phthalates. Phthalates is a liquid used to soften plastics. Research has shown it can promote hormone disturbances and deformities in embryos. That is why there is a movement to ban Phthalates throughout Denmark, but this hasn't been achieved yet.

We support this attempt to banish the material, and that is why we have removed it from our fabrics. Acrylic coated oilcloths on this site are purchased by the metre. Therefore, you can purchase the exact quantity you need, and pay by the metre. 

Using and caring for your acrylic-coated oilcloth

  • An acrylic-coated oilcloth can withstand a lot, but not everything. Remember to remove stains as quickly as possible and be aware that stains from pens and nail polish etc. are nearly impossible to get rid of.
  • The surface cannot stand hot dishes straight from the oven or pans directly from the hotplate. Cooking oil or boiling water will “melt” the surface.
  • Machine-wash it at 30 degrees, hang it to dry and iron it at a low temperature, and your acrylic coated oilcloth will give you many years of use.

Buy your new acrylic-coated oilcloth at Selfmade® – we look forward to seeing which you choose!