Cotton satin fabric

A fabulous, soft satin woven fabric in 100% cotton. Suitable for bed linen and cushions.

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Cotton satin fabric is versatile


Cotton satin is a woven fabric made from 100% cotton. The atlas weave that creates it leaves one side ultra-silky and shiny – just like satin! As such, cotton satin fabric is luxuriously soft and silky but still very affordable. It’s one of our favourite fabrics for sewing glossy cushions and shimmering party dresses.

Originally, satin was made from silk or synthetic fibres, but thanks to new weaves we can now use simple, comfortable cotton fibres to create a similar effect. This fabric is known as cotton satin or cotton sateen.

Here at Selfmade®, formerly known as STOFF & STIL, we have a wide range of cotton satin fabrics to choose from in various colours and prints. Use soft pastel colours to make bedding and cushion covers, or darker shades for professional clothing. This material can be very versatile, so don’t throw away any scraps as they can be used for small crafts and sewing projects in the future!

How to sew using cotton sateen


Slick fabrics are notoriously difficult to sew with, so make sure you have the right tools. It’s also a good idea to order more fabric than you need, just in case you make a mistake or want to practice sewing on cotton sateen before you begin.

You can use a standard sewing machine needle but choose a small one that won’t tear large holes in the fabric. Use a lightweight cotton thread too.

Pin your material carefully, using plenty of pins to stop it slipping and sliding around as you feed it through the sewing machine. You can even try using quilting gloves to get a good grip on your fabric if it is very slippery!

When hemming cotton satin materials, leave a wide hem. As the fabric tends to be quite thin, this won’t make your clothing too bulky.

Most of all, have fun!

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Here at STOFF & STIL, we have made ordering cotton satin fabric not just simple, but a pleasure. To begin, browse through our exotic range of colours prints to select the perfect cotton satin fabric for your project.

Next, type in exactly how much fabric you want! We sell our fabric by the metre, so you can order a large amount of fabric for your project and not worry about it arriving in small pieces that need to be sewn together. If you just want a small selection of fabric samples, why not order 0.25 metres? Shopping for fabric at Selfmade® gives you the best flexibility.
So, buy your cotton satin fabric now and don’t forget to add all your other sewing accessories to your basket before you check out!