Fine ruffled edges DIY8022_ruffles_image.jpg
By the way... You can sew ruffles onto cushions, blankets, blouses, dresses - anything you like!

  1. Fine ruffled edges Diy8022-step.jpg
    1.Size/length of the ruffle: Measure the length of the edge onto which you wish to sew the ruffle. Multiply by 1.75. E.g. the edge measures 30 cm: 30 x 1.75 = 52.5 cm.
  2. Fine ruffled edges Diy8022-step2.jpg
    2.Ruffle width: To make a ruffle with a folded edge (A), add 3 cm to the desired ruffle width (2 cm for the fold + 1 cm seam allowance). To make a ruffle on the fold (B), calculate 2 x the desired ruffle width + 2 cm seam allowance. Sew two parallel lines of gathering thread 0.5 cm from the edge. Use a long stitch length (preferably 5-6 mm).
  3. Fine ruffled edges Diy8022-step3.jpg
    3.Hold the 2 upper threads and gather the ruffle to fit the edge of the fabric - in this case, 30 cm. Lay the ruffle onto the fabric right sides together. Sew along the raw edges (1 cm seam allowance). Overlock the edges.
  4. Fine ruffled edges Diy8022-step4.jpg
    4.Press the seam allowance away from the ruffle and edge stitch from the right side to keep the seam allowance flat.
  5. 5.NB: You can cut your ruffle across the grain or along the selvedge. You may have to sew strips together to make the ruffle long enough (e.g. on a blanket).

Fine ruffled edges