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    1.Cut the fabric into squares. The squares can be of different sizes, colours or fabrics. You're in charge.
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    2.Lay one piece of fabric on top of another. Shift the upper piece of fabric 1 cm to one side. If necessary, draw the seam up with tailor’s chalk or a marker pen. Sew the fabric pieces together with a 1 cm seam allowance.
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    3.Fold the outermost seam around the edge of the second seam, and press.
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    4.Fold and press the seam once more (the raw edge is now concealed).
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    5.Stitch firmly with a row of stitching 2 mm from the edge.
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    6.Continue sewing pieces of fabric together in the same way until your fabric is the size you need. If you sew two pieces that are not of equal length, just cut off the excess.

The pojagi seam