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Get ready for your next party

Do you need to sew a party dress - maybe even with a matching bow tie or sash - for the next party? Or are you in the process of designing your confirmation dress but need the perfect blank fabric to bring your design to life?


Party satin - or duchess satin - is a great choice: Its bright colours and elegant drape give you plenty of options for creating festive dresses, shirts, tops, bow ties, vests and trouser suits.  


And if you want it all to match, you can also sew a small clutch to go with it.


A little more about this satin

Made from 100% polyester, this satin has a nice drape and the classic satin look in a variety of colours.


The fabric is 145 cm wide, has a weight of 150 grams and shrinks about 1% in the wash. You can machine wash it at 40° - remember that it should always be hang-dried and only ironed at low heat.


TIP: Avoid water and water-based markers - they can leave small stains (same goes for hand cream!). Instead, use tailor's chalk to make markings. Always make a test on a small piece first, then draw on the back. And - while we're on the subject of water - never use steam on satin as it can leave water stains and the high temperature from the steam can change the lustre of the fabric. Search "9 tips for sewing satin" for more tips.

What is satin?

Satin refers to the way the fabric is woven, where one side of the material is smooth and shiny. For this satin you will need microtex needles.