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Item No. 3520012

Colourful Round Elastic Bands

Who says elastic bands have to be white or black and hidden away? Not us! With this elastic band, you'll make a little statement with your DIY project.


DIY with elasticated cord

You can choose from several great colours to get the look you want. Choose a contrasting colour for a cool finish or go tone-on-tone - it's entirely up to you.


We love this elastic as a drawstring in sweatshirts, but generally just use it as a cool extra detail that keeps the garment in place.


Or maybe you want to create one of those DIY notice boards where elastic bands create a graphic pattern across the board? This elastic would also work super well for that purpose.


With a width - or diameter - of 3 mm, this is a versatile elastic that can be used for many different projects. It is braided, made from polyester/latex and has a relatively firm elasticity.


You get a cool elastic in a good and durable quality; the beautiful surface hides a collection of very thin elastic bands that ensure that the elastic keeps its firm elasticity.


The elastic can be washed at 40° and must not be tumble dried.