€ 36.00/pc(s)

Item No. 92906

Make uniform fabric circles with the amazing Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter

Do you need a circle cutter to create perfect, uniform circles for your projects? Check out this magnificent Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter, which makes circles in different sizes (from 5.1 cm to 30.5 cm in diameter).

Quality first

Fiskars’ Fabric Circle Cutter is 41 cm long and 26 cm wide. The push cutter handle rotates for a smooth cut. The precision-ground, 18 mm stainless-steel blade stays sharper longer. When the need arises, you can replace a blunt blade with a sharp new Fiskars replacement blade in seconds. 

Precision cutting and great comfort

The push cutter handle rotates to provide even cutting without twisting. The Softgrip® handle helps reduce hand fatigue and increase comfort – this tool is a real pleasure to use.

Remember to use a cutting mat

Fiskars Fabric Circle Cutter is simply a wonderfully practical tool that you can use for cutting e.g. 360° fabric circles. When using the Fabric Circle Cutter, we advise you also to use a cutting mat.