€ 20.00/pc(s)

Item No. 42031

100% recyclable universal scissors from Fiskars

Are you looking for scissors that not only cut well, but are also sustainable? This lovely, sharp ReNew Universal Shears (21 cm) from Fiskars can handle all kinds of cutting jobs in your home. And once you're done using them, you can return them to a clever circular system that creates a brand new pair of ReNew scissors from your old ones.

Cutting without hassle

The blades on these scissors are super sharp, made from recycled (85-95%) stainless steel and have a narrow design for optimum precision. The sharp, durable blades give you effortless cuts in multiple layers of different materials.

Ergonomic handle

The handle of the scissors is nice and large and ergonomically shaped, ensuring a good grip. It is made of recycled plastic (66% packaging waste) and renewable cellulose fibres (34%).


How to convert your old ReNew scissors into new scissors:

  1. Send your old ReNew scissors to the Fiskars factory in Billnäs
  2. The factory in Billnäs disassembles it and recycles ReNew scissor parts (the factory in Billnäs disassembles the handles from the scissors). The scissor parts are recycled at the supplier where all parts get a new life.
  3. The blades are recycled with other steel products and new steel material. The handle is reusable up to six times and the packaging is recycled into new packaging.
  4. Raw material is returned to the factory, where Fiskars produces a new ReNew shears.
  5. The circular system ends when you can buy a new, sustainable ReNew scissors in our shops or webshop. Clever!