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Ready, set, mend!

Have you also jumped head first into the mending-wave? Mending yarn gives you the opportunity to repair your clothes, bags and so forth – revamping and upcycling with beautiful and visible mending stitches! Er you ready?



Wool and nylon mending yarn

 This 55% wool and 45% nylon darning yarn (also called mending yarn) comes in 20 pretty colours. This type of darning yarn is great for mending socks, knitwear and ‘thicker’ materials because the beautiful woolen look of the yarn matches these types of projects perfectly.



How to do mending

Place a small piece of fabric under the hole you mean to mend. Hand stitch over it in straight lines in different directions until a nice pattern has formed.


You can also use mending yarn for more seamless and less visible repairs, but the look of visible mending is fantastic. Use it on everything from knitted sweaters with holes to woolen bodysuits, beanies, mittens and socks.



Great accessories to use when mending

Apart from mending yarn we also stock a long list of accessories that we recommend you use when mending:


-         Embroidery needle - with and without a rounded tip

-         Pair of small embroidery scissors

-         Embroidery frame

-         Thimble

-         Water soluble marker pen


Everything suggested here can be purchased in different versions. Choose just what is right for you and your project!



Cotton mending yarn also available

This 100% cotton darning yarn (also called mending yarn) comes in 8 pretty colours. It has a mat but smooth surface and consists of 4 single strands. This enables you to divide the yarn and use single strands if you are mending a thin material. Or you can use it as it is – for instance on denim.