€ 4.00/pc(s)

Item No. 46663

Glass-headed Pins 

Quality glass-headed pins from German Prym are made of steel and glass.  


Most pins are made of steel because it's a strong and durable material, ensuring that the pin neither bends nor breaks. But why are the heads made of glass? Because it means the pinhead is heat-resistant, making it withstand, for example, steaming or ironing your project while the pins are still in.  


The Practicalities 

The pins measure 30 mm with a diameter of 0.6 mm. You get 10 grams of pins in assorted colours in this box.  


The different colours make it easy for you to recognise and remove the pins from the fabric after use. The smooth steel and the fine point ensure that the pins are easy to insert into the fabric, leaving no or a very small pinhole.  


What About the Notice Board? 

And yes – these pins are also perfect for the notice board! Both because they look nice and classic, but also because the round glass head practically ensures that you don't prick your finger when you're pinning something onto the board.