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Item No. 74108

If you do a lot of sewing, it means you also do a lot of cutting. If you wish to get through the cutting phase faster, you can get a rotary cutter.

A rotary cutter cuts its way through your fabric with the help of a ruler, and it can actually cut through several layers of fabric in one go.

We recommend that you place a cutting board under your fabric when cutting to make sure all surfaces remain unscratched.

Good grip

The soft grib feature gives the rotary cutter a good grip and makes it easy to steer regardless of whether you are righthanded or lefthanded. A handy lock feature keeps the blade in place, but you can release the blade when you need to.

A rotary cutter comes in particularly handy if you do a lot of patchwork; a hobby that requires a lot of cutting.

If you run out of blades, these can be bought separately.