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Beautiful textured satin

The glossy satin is classic and elegant for festive occasions - with this version you get the classic satin with a fine texture that adds that little something extra to your design.


You can zoom in on the pictures to get a better idea of the beautiful surface.


Beautiful creations in satin

Use satin for shirts, dresses, skirts and trouser suits - it's super elegant and drapes beautifully over the body.


Be aware that the fine texture also means that you should iron the material at low heat. Also, avoid using steam as it causes the texture to change shape.


Practical information about this satin 

This satin is made from 100% polyester and comes in several beautiful colours. You buy it by the metre, so you get exactly the length you need for your projects.

The fabric is 140 cm wide and shrinks about 1% in the wash. Wash at 40° - hang dry and iron on low heat.


TIP: As satin has a very smooth surface, it slides easily. Therefore, we recommend that you always cut in one layer at a time and use good quality, sharp fabric scissors. Search "9 tips for sewing with satin" for more tips.


What is satin? 

Satin refers to the way the fabric is woven, where one side of the material is smooth and shiny. For this satin you will need microtex needles.