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Item No. 820843

Super nice, soft faux suede with backing and high abrasion resistance

Faux suede never really goes out of fashion, no matter if we are talking clothes, shoes or bags – not to mention your home décor.


Long lasting quality

This is a fabric with a gorgeous appeal. The front of the fabric is soft and comfortable to sit on.


The fabric has a backing. ‘Backing’ means that is has a stabilizing back that enhances the sturdiness of the fabric and helps it maintain its shape.


Durable and elegant

A fabric with a Martindale rub count of 20.000 means it is incredibly durable.


If you use this faux suede to re-upholster your chairs, cushions or mattresses, you can rest assure that your efforts will be well worth it for many years.


Should you need to clean your faux suede, you can do so using a clean cloth.


What is Martindale?

Martindale is a term used to tell you something about the durability and robustness of a fabric. The higher the Martindale rub count is, the more durable the fabric is.


If you need the fabric to upholster furniture, we recommend that you pick a material with a minimum Martindale rub count of 20.000.


This fabric has been awarded with a STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification.

What is STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®?

OEKO-TEX® is the world-leading label for textiles tested for harmful substances.


Once the fabric has achieved a STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification, it is your guarantee it has been tested and approved not to contain any harmful chemicals.


Meaning it is neither harmful to you and your health and less harmful to the environment.