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The invisible zipper!

When you want to hide the zipper! 


In some designs, the zipper is essential because it can be seen - in others, it's primarily about functionality. The latter fits this zipper, which is a YKK spiral zipper with teeth and stopper in plastic, while the drop shutter itself is in metal.


How to use the zipper

For example, sew the zipper in the middle, back or side of finer projects where you want to hide the zipper - for example in light dresses, skirts, blouses and trousers.


The invisible zipper is also perfect for bedding and decorative pillows, where the zipper is purely functional but not part of the design. 


What you need to know about invisible zippers

We recommend that you buy this zipper 5 cm longer than the opening in your project to achieve the best result when sewing.


Sew as close to the teeth as possible and use a presser foot specially designed for this purpose (item no. 46101 if you are using a BERNINA sewing machine and item no. 46172 if you are using a BERNETTE sewing machine). 


On the invisible zipper, the spiral is on the back of the invisible zipper. When you sew it in correctly, the spiral tips over on the back and pulls the fabric with it, so the zipper itself is completely hidden. 


Note: This invisible zipper is to be used as an invisible zipper only, as it is not stable enough to be used for other sewing techniques where the seams come far away from the spiral itself. 


We recommend that you close the zipper before washing.


Find a guide on how to sew in an invisible zipper by searching for "Sewing invisible zipper". 


Know your zipper 

There are many different zippers. Functionally, they can be divided into three categories: the non-divisible with closed end, which is used for example in trousers and dresses. The separable, used for example in jackets and cardigans, where you need your design to open completely and the zipper to split in two. And the split 2-way zipper, used for example in coats, where the fact that it can be opened from the bottom as well as from the top gives extra flexibility.

This zipper is non-divisible.


All our zippers are nickel-free.