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Item No. 40623

Swift and Effortless Repairs 

Crafted from metal, this model is an impeccable fit for coil zippers with the following dimensions: 

Width: 4.10 - 4.25mm 

Height: 1.85 - 2.00mm. 

Tired of discarding your favourite items just because the zipper is broken? With ZlideOn, the solution is right at your fingertips. This clever and easy-to-use device allows you to repair zippers yourself, thereby extending the lifespan of your cherished belongings. 

Universal Fit 

ZlideOn for coil zippers is suitable for a wide range of clothing and home textiles. It fits almost all dresses, cushions, skirts, and trousers (excluding jeans). Hence, there's no need to purchase multiple models - ZlideOn is the all-encompassing solution. 

User Guide 

The repair process is straightforward and simple. Here's a detailed step-by-step guide: 

1. Begin by removing the old zipper pull (clip it off using pincers or something similar). 

2. Ensure that the ZlideOn is open (hold the bottom section still and pull the slider as far back as possible until ZlideOn is open. Do not attempt to open ZlideOn with a screwdriver or other tools). 

3. Position ZlideOn onto your zipper. If the zipper is closed at a point, place ZlideOn there. If the zipper has a stopper, position ZlideOn on the side with the larger part of the stopper. If the zipper isn’t closed or has a stopper, cross the sides, press the ZlideOn at the intersection and keep it shut as you pull the zipper up about 10 cm initially. 

4. Close the ZlideOn by pressing its top and bottom parts together with your fingers. 

5. Your zipper is now repaired and ready for use! 

Maximise the Lifespan of Your Favourites 

ZlideOn is the ideal tool to enhance the durability of your favourite items. And with the variety of ZlideOns we offer, you can find the one precisely tailored for your zipper, regardless of its type and size. 

Embrace the DIY movement. Mend your items rather than discarding them. Be part of the solution with ZlideOn - we're here to assist you at every step. Be creative, be clever, be Selfmade®.