Sewing pattern for baby accessories

Here you'll find our selection of sewing patterns specifically designed for baby accessories. Each pattern allows you to create something both practical and charming - personalized creations that become part of everyday joys and experiences with your baby. Embrace your little one with love and care through unique accessories that are both useful and cute.

Sew your own baby accessories

Discover the joy of creating practical and charming baby accessories with our sewing patterns. These patterns allow you to create unique and functional items that add extra love and care to everyday life with your baby. Every project is an opportunity to express your creativity and love, from dummies to little hats.


Sew a Changing Bag

Create a sturdy and stylish changing bag with our sewing patterns. Focus on solid fabrics for bags that can withstand daily use.


Sew Baby's Sleeping Bag

Sew an organic sleeping bag for your baby for extra comfort. Our organic fabrics are perfect for this project, ensuring a sustainable approach.


Sew Baby's Bibs

Create practical and easy-to-clean bibs with our water-repellent fabrics. Perfect for meals and everyday use.


Sew Baby's Room Accessories

Personalize your baby's room with homemade accessories like changing pad covers, canopies and high chair covers.


Sew Baby's Accessories

Create loving and unique hats, mittens and blankets for your baby. For further inspiration, check out our free knitting and crochet patterns here.