Sewing patterns for baby onesies, coveralls, and bodysuits

On this page, you'll find an excellent selection of sewing patterns for baby onesies and bodysuits. Our patterns are perfect for those who want to sew comfortable and stylish clothes for the little ones. Discover patterns that suit everyday practical needs as well as special occasions.

Sew your own baby onesies and bodysuits

Discover the joy of sewing clothes for your baby with our sewing patterns for onesies and bodysuits. These patterns allow you to create functional and cute outfits perfect for your baby's daily adventures.

For example, sew a cute wrap-around bodysuit with contrasting edging or a cute hooded jumpsuit. The intelligent designs are easy to use, so your self-made baby clothes will also be practical for everyday use.

Jersey is an ideal fabric choice for these projects, known for its softness and stretchiness, making it perfect for baby's active movements. Wool jersey is another excellent option, especially for the colder months, as it offers extra warmth while retaining breathability. Rib fabric is also a popular option for baby clothing due to its stretchy and comfortable nature. It's perfect for bodysuits that require a good fit and comfort.

Whether you're an experienced seamstress or just starting, our sewing patterns will guide you through creating beautiful and practical baby clothes. Experience the joy of seeing your baby in something you've created, and enjoy every moment of the creative journey.