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Macramé yarn is full of possibilities

Have you made macramé projects yet? Then join the new trend together with us! The creative knotting technique gives you every opportunity to develop the most amazing creations for your home - and with this yarn, you'll be up and running in no time.

Single twine in recycled cotton

This macramé yarn is single needle (3 mm) and made of 80% recycled cotton and 20% polyester. The cotton has a wonderful property for macramé as it gives a good hold to each knot/tie. The single strand yarn consists of small fine strands, which makes it ideal for making leaves, feathers and fringes, for example. In general, you get a softer and less detailed effect, compared to double-knotted macramé yarn. The yarn comes on a 65 meter roll.

What projects can you make with macramé yarn?

For example, you can make super-decorative macramé leaves! Search for "macramé leaves" here on the website and you'll get a wonderful (and free) DIY guide showing you exactly how to do it. You can also make key rings, wall hangings, dream catchers and more. Just unleash your creativity and make the wildest macramé projects.