Crafts supplies for DIY lamp making


Tired of looking at those same-old lampshades? No need to toss them out - give them a makeover instead.

We've got everything you need right here. Find inspiration further down the page.

How to give your lampshade a makeover

Lampeskærme 1800X1200

Cover your lampshade with new fabric

We recommend you use woven fabrics, such as woven cotton, without stretch. The more lightweight your material is, the more light your lampshade permeates, and the more the fabric's texture will be visible. Heavier or darker fabrics give a more dimmed result.


A homemade lampshade is also a fantastic way of repurposing fabric scraps. And if you really want to take it to town, you could consider using a patchwork fabric with pojagi seams!



Use our stick-it lamp foil

This lamp foil is fire-retardant, antistatic, UV-stable, and easy to use.

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Use an all-in-one kit to create a new lampshade


Get our handy kit with the essential parts you need for creating a lampshade. Then, add your favourite fabric to the mix, et voila.




Upgrade your existing lampshades


Is there nothing wrong with your old lampshade? But do you want to try something new anyway?


Try decorating your lampshade with textile paint or markers and unleash your creativity.


Also, you can create truly stunning, one-of-a-kind lampshades with dip-dye, embroidery, buttons, ribbon, yarn, rope, or more.


Have fun!